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Year 6 Chaffinch


The highlight of the year - the Year 6 residential trip to Hebden Hey. 

On Tuesday, 3rd July, Year 6 planned a shopping trip to the local Spar.  They had to plan and shop for the food for their lunch for their residential trip later in the week.  The children soon realised that £3.50 doesn't go very far towards two lunches but with group working they could have some healthy, interesting lunches. 

On Thursday, the children made their own sandwiches and then packed their bags for a residential.  Because of the hot weather, the long walk had to be adapted so they were 'dropped off' at the car park in Hardcastle Crags and then had to walk down the valley, across the river and back along the other side to make their way to Hebden Hey.  On arrival, they were given a number of tasks, to develop teamwork, to complete before an evening around a campfire, toasting marshmallows.

The following day, the children worked with the National Trust volunteers on different activities including pond-dipping, bug spotting, den building and compass work.



Cliffe Castle

Year 6 spent an amazing afternoon at Cliffe Castle, looking at and handling fossils.  They predicted what animal the fossil was from before being given a series of clues to find out what current day animal it had involved into.  Before leaving, they took the opportunity to have a look around the fossils on view in the museum.





On Saturday, 17th March, Haworth Primary took part in the final of the Bingley Schools' Swimming Gala.  This is an annual event, usually run over three Saturdays, involving up to 24 local primary schools.  Children swim in different age groups: years 1 - 4 and years 5 and 6.

The children had to take part in a series of races: individual and teams.

Children from our year 6 class, as well as other pupils from years 3 - 5, took part in the competition. Whilst we did not finish in the top 3, the children enjoyed the event and we did have a heat winner!



Year 6 have been writing stories for the Radio 2 500 word competition.  Here is one of our stories:


What was that? There was a long groan. Suddenly, as quick as a flash, the window burst open and the candle blew out. As the Lighthouse Keeper stood up, he tripped over and sprained his ankle. The rest of the village became silent – everyone had been partying because it was New Year’s Eve. Could there be someone or something at the top of the creaky, wooden stairs? Cautiously and nervously, he fumbled up the stairs (his ankle was really hurting). It could have been the light: it was extremely ancient. He managed to pluck up the courage to turn the corner of the stairwell and look.

“Come on Jeff, you can do it, “ he said to himself.

He thought that he had seen the worst when the light was not working, but when he picked the bulb up, he dropped it. It smashed. Now he worried more than ever. The massive, scarlet – red ship sailed blindly towards the lighthouse. Would the ship and the lighthouse survive? As he stared down horrified at the shattered glass scattered all over the floor, he remembered earlier that afternoon...

His foggy, grey eyes had been staring at a blank piece of paper, because he had a letter to write about his lighthouse to go in the local newspaper. Even though this might sound extremely exciting, it was New Year’s Eve and his dirty, black jacket has just survived nearly being caught in the mechanism of the light. As he was writing the boring letter, which he was told had to be really long, he thought about what an amazing time he could be having outside. There were lots of fun things he could have been doing : partying with lots of other villagers; eating a celebration meal; and dancing to jolly music. As he snapped back to reality and stopped daydreaming, he slammed the window shut. And then there was the “BANG!”

That is how it had happened…

“I can’t fix it in time, I can’t,” the lighthouse keeper thought in despair. He raced down the narrow, uneven spiral staircase, grabbed hold of the rusty- iron door handle, pulled open the door and then froze, in shock and amazement – there were hundreds of people stood outside holding beautiful, colourful lanterns.

Five minutes later, all of the villagers could be seen around the tall lighthouse, overjoyed and ecstatic that they had been the ones who had saved the ship and the lighthouse.


In science, year 6 have been finding out about the circulatory system.  We have discussed how nutrients are transported around the body. 

To help us understand, we investigated what happens when an 'artery' or red liquorice was placed in a dish of water.  Some pupils thought nothing would happen, some thought it would grow (either in width or in length), and some thought it would dissolve/melt or get smaller.  Some groups decided that it would depend upon the temperature of the water at the beginning of the investigation.

We carefully measured the liquorice and placed it in a dish of water (200ml).  Then we measured the liquorice every hour.  

We found out that the liquorice got longer over the day because it had absorbed some of the water.


Shibden Hall


Our next trip for the 1/2 term was to Shibden Hall, near Halifax.  Here we explored how the Tudors lived.  We were greeted by the owner of the house Master Robert and his mother, Mistress Joan.  Looking round the house, we were intrigued to discover how the Tudors built their houses and how they entertained.  It was fascinating to discover what materials were used for their clothes and why silk was expensive.  The children were particularly interested in how wool was cleaned before it was spun and woven.  


Autumn 2 started with Community Week.  In year 6 we linked this to our topic on Tudors.  We invited parents and explored the village to find out if people from the Tudor era lived in Haworth.  We found 3 buildings in Haworth that were built in the early 17th century, so although they were not Tudor buildings, they did suggest that the village was inhabited many years ago.  We also found a house, that has been renovated and improved that dated back to the late 1400s.  Thanks you to all parents who helped in our search.  

Autumn Term 1 2017

In October, Chaffinch Class visited the local Mosque in Keighley.  We were very privileged to witness a prayer session before exploring the Mosque.  Our guide explained about the Islamic Hajj and some pupils were able to dress in 'traditional' Hajj clothing.  At the end of the session, the children were offered a question and answer session.