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Year 4 Woodpeckers

Spring 2 

Marvellous Mummification

Our topic this half term has bee the Ancient Egyptians. Year 4 were lucky enough to take a trip down to Cliffe castle, to take part in a master class based on Mummification. Each child had a part to play in this gruesome process.

There were 7 steps we had to follow:

  1. First, we had to use a hammer to break the nose and then used a hook to pull out the brain through the nose!
  2. Secondly, we then made a cut in the stomach to remove the organs and leave them out in the sun to dry.
  3. Third, we washed the body in wine and spice so it didn't smell.
  4. After that, we then scrubbed the body in Natron which is a salt so it would absorb any moisture in the body.
  5. Then, the heart went back in the body and the other organs went into canopic jars.
  6. Next, we wrapped the body in linen cloth and applied up to 20 layers!
  7. Finally, the body is now ready for the spells to be cast and the body to go to the after life.

This was a tough process but our amazing Year 4's managed to follow the instructions thoroughly and mummify the body.

Division in Year 4

This week we have been learning to divide 2-digit numbers by a 1-digit number. We have started off the week by using equipment such as base 10 and place value counters to show how we do this and using the inverse to check our answer. We will then be moving on to drawing this method and then by the end of the week we will all be masters of division and will be able to use the formal method!

Spring 1

Community Week

For our community week we focussed on the schools within Haworth. We compared the old Haworth board school with our primary school. We walked down to the old school and spent part of the afternoon sketching the building, focusing on the shapes. We then walked back up to our primary school and sketched this also. After that, we were able to look at the two and discuss the similarities and differences between the two.

Year 4's class debate! 

To link in with our topic work on the Amazon rainforest we have been investigating the pros and cons of deforestation. Throughout our English lessons we have looked at persuasive letters from both sides of the debate and formed our own opinion. The class split into two sides, for and against deforestation and they argued their points across. At the end of the debate the class took a vote and it was voted that Year 4 are against deforestation. 

Our trip to the Gurdwara.

This half term we have been learning all about the Sikh faith, we were lucky enough to take a visit to a local Gurdwara in Bradford. We learnt a lot about the faith and were able to find out what it is like in the Sikh place of worship. 

Basketball WOW!

At the beginning of this half term we had a rather large visitor! The whole school had a WOW basketball day where Paul Tiny Strugess came to visit, he was a massive 7ft 8! Paul played basketball for the Harlem Globetrotters and is the tallest basketball player in the world. In the afternoon year 4 were lucky enough to have a basketball session with him! Here are some pictures of the activities we were doing. 

Autumn Term 1 2017