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Year 2 Puffins

Spring Term 1 2018

Murton Park


On Wednesday 31st January Year 2 visited Murton Park in York.  During the day we were immersed in Viking life, we learnt about Viking jobs and their life as part of a Viking village.  We all worked very hard being Vikings, learning how to make clay pots, collect fire wood and guard our Viking village. 

During our lunch in the Great Hall the Viking Lord thought that Mrs Firth-Rymer had been naughty and had stopped the slaves from working.  The Lord put Mrs Firth-Rymer in the stocks!  Runa poured water over Mrs Firth-Rymer to teach her the importance of being sensible at all times.

At the end of the afternoon we defended our village when a Smelly Saxon tried to invade!  We successfully defended the village and claimed his weapons as our reward.


We all had a fantastic day being Vikings at Murton Park.

Instruction Writing

In English we have been learning how to write instructions.  We know that instructions are command sentences and that by adding time openers we can sequence and order a list of instructions.  We have been learning to check that our instructions have enough details in for the reader to follow to reach an outcome.  To help us with this we wrote a list of instructions titled 'How to Make a Slice of Toast'.  When we had written and checked our instructions we used them to make ourselves a slice of toast.  By following our instructions we discovered that we sometimes need to add more details.  Some of us were trying to butter the toast before we had picked up the knife!

If you look closely you will see our books with the instructions in that we have written.  We all followed our instructions and adapted them if we needed to.

Please look at our 'Vikings' Newsletter.  This will provide you with information about our learning this half term.  If you have any further questions please make an appointment to see me.


Mrs Firth-Rymer

Happy New Year

Welcome back to school after what I hope has been an enjoyable and happy Christmas holiday.  I hope you have all enjoyed a restful break with your families.  This half term our topic is 'Vikings' and we have a fantastic visit to the Danelaw Centre, Murton Park to look forward to at the end of January.  


If you have any concerns about your child please make an appointment to speak to me at the school office.


Thank you for your continued support Mrs Firth-Rymer and all the staff in Puffin Class

Autumn Term 2 2017

The Railway Children Walk


On Monday 30th October 2017 Year 2 set off on 'The Railway Children Walk'.

We spent the morning walking a circular route from Haworth to Oakworth Railway Station.  Along the route we saw many of the features that were used in the 1970 film of 'The Railway Children'.  In the afternoon we walked the circular route to Oxenhope, reaching 'Three Chimneys' the house that the children lived in when they moved to Yorkshire in the film.


We were joined on our walk by some very energetic parents.

Welcome back to school for the second half of our Autumn Term.  This half term the topic will be 'Our Community and will begin with a community event for all Year 2 and their parents.  We will be spending the first day of the half term doing 'The Railway Children Walk' in and around Haworth, Oakworth and Oxenhope.  This will be the starter for the topic and also act as an introduction to our class reading text 'The Railway Children'.  Please see the information below for an outline of the work we will be covering.


If you wish to discuss your child's progress with me at any time please make an appointment at the school office.

Thank you

Mrs Firth-Rymer

Autumn Term 1 2017

Welcome back to school after what I hope has been an enjoyable Summer break.  This half term our topic will be 'Shadow Play' the below information details our learning for the half term.  I am looking forward to working with you and your children this year.  If you wish to discuss your child's progress with me at anytime please come and see me at the end of the school day or make an appointment at the office.

Mrs Firth-Rymer