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Owls and Swans




Festivals & Celebrations.

Image result for little red henThe Little Red Hen

This half term our key story is The Little Red Hen.  We enjoyed listening to the story and learning to retell it with actions.

We decided to make our own bread like the hen in the story.  We wrote shopping lists of the ingredients we would need.  We really enjoyed making the bread and thought it tasted great!  

This week we are going to read an alternative version of the story I wonder what will happen...


This week we have been learning about the Hindu festival of light.  We listened to the story of Rama and Sita.  Can you remember what happened to Sita?  

We found out the special candles in the story are called Diva's.  We made our  own Diva lamps out of clay.   Next week we will decorate them.

We also enjoyed listening and dancing to music and acting out the story with our friends .


Bonfire Night

This week we have been discussing Bonfire night.  We talked about how to stay safe around fires.

We enjoyed creating our own firework work pictures using bright coloured paint and glitter. 

Can you remember what you heard and saw that night?

The children created a small world bonfire.  The children made orange cones to stop people getting too close to the fire!

Welcome back to Reception. We hope your children will settle quickly again after the holiday. Please let us know if there are any concerns we can help with.

We are looking forward to an exciting half term learning about different festivals and celebrations.  Our key story this half term will be Little Red Hen. We will read the traditional tale and other versions of the story, then, of course, there will be some great Christmas activities!

Dinosaurs...we created our own dinosaurs on the computer.  Can you see which dinosaurs we have made?

We then labelled our dinosaurs using our phonics knowledge.


This week we have been learning to name and recognise 2D shapes.  We have enjoyed playing shape bingo, going on a shape hunt and making shapes  in our different areas.

A second disaster...

This week there has been another disaster! We arrived back from lunch to find our construction area a mess. What do you think has happened?

The children thought the dinosaur from the book Naughty Bus had escaped and made a mess.

We then began to think about what dinosaurs look like and how big they are. We drew pictures of what we thought the dinosaur would look like.

Naughty Bus Disaster...

The children discussed what they thought had happened...

Rudy: "The wooden bus is REAL! It can drive itself!"

Wren: "I don't know who did it maybe it was the naughty bus!"

Baked Bean Disaster!

This week the Naughty bus left Baked beans in our classroom.  To develop our fine motor skills we used tweezers to collect and tidy the mess.  It was quite hard picking up the beans as they felt, squishy and squashy, gooey and slippery!

Do you think we got them all?

Naughty Bus Number Plates

We have been learning to recognise the numerals 0-9 and the letter sounds 's', 'a', 't', 'p','m' and 'n'.  We used stamps to create a number plate for the Naughty Bus.

Can you see what letters and numbers we used?

All Kinds of People...

This half term we are learning about all kinds of people.  This week we have begun to meet the people who work in our  school.  We went on a tour of the school and met some lovely people.  Can you remember who we met?

Naughty Bus by Jan and Jerry Oke

Our key story for this half term is Naughty Bus by Jan and Jerry Oke.  The week began with an envelope being delivered that said "DO NOT OPEN." We made predictions about what we thought might be inside.  Next we listened to a media clip.  The children thought they could hear the sounds from a busy street.

The next day a note said we could open the envelope we were very excited! We opened it to find the book Naughty Bus.  We have started to read the story and think the bus is going to get up to mischief! Watch this space to find out what happens...

Summer 1 2018

In maths we have been learning to; estimate, measure and talk about capacity. 

Nell Bank 2018

When we returned from Nell Bank we went on a minibeast hunt around our school look what we found...

This half term our theme has been 'Underground.'We  have been learning about what lives underground.



An envelope arrived, we talked about what we could see.

Can you guess what the book is about?

It didn't take us long to guess it was the book 'Superworm' by Julia Donaldson.

We have enjoyed reading the story and creating our own wormery.  Did you name a worm?

Spring 2 2018

Anna Hibiscus' Song.

Following the interests of the children this week we have been learning about Africa.  We read the story Anna Hibiscus' Song. In the story the characters talk about what they do when they are happy.  We wrote about what makes us happy. 

Can you remember what makes you happy?

We enjoyed looking at non-fiction texts about animals in Africa.  We created our own animal masks using different materials. 

Can you guess what we are?

Celebrating World Book Day 2018

To celebrate World Book day we dressed up as our favourite book character. We painted pictures of our costumes, enjoyed sharing our stories in the library and making gingerbread people. 

Image result for fairtrade

We used Fairtrade ingredients to make our gingerbread people.

Can you guess who we were?

Rapunzel by Bethan Woollvin...

We have enjoyed reading the story Rapunzel. We created our own pictures of Rapunzel and other characters from the story.


In the story by Bethan Woollvin, Rapunzel wants to defeat the witches.  We created our own wanted posters to help Rapunzel.

Have you seen them?


This half term we have also been learning about castles.  We have enjoyed reading non-fiction texts about castles. 

We used the information to help us to build our own castles. 

Can you see the Moat?

Hourglass, Timer, Rainbow, Illustration, Time


We have been learning about time.  We used a 1 minute timer to time ourselves doing different activities.   

Can you remember which was your favourite?

We have also been learning to use a stop watch.  We timed ourselves completing different activities outside.

Can you see what challenges we set ourselves?

Can you remember how long it took to climb over the climbing frame?

How many laps did you complete in 2 minutes?

This half term our key story is 'Rapunzel.'  A sealed envelope  arrived in our new reading area and said 'DO NOT OPEN.'. We talked about what we thought was inside and wrote our own predictions.

Take a look inside a book...

Tens Frames

This half term we have been learning to use tens frames.  We began placing counters on to a board.  We enjoyed making patterns with our counters.

We have been using our tens frames to help us develop our understanding of more and less.

How many aliens would the children have if they had one more?

How many would they have if they had one less/one fewer?

Moon Zoom-Space

This half term we are learning about space. We began by talking about what we wanted to learn about space.


To help us to learn more about space we have been exploring  non-fiction books.

We used a selection of books and the internet to gather information about the solar system. 

Together we created our own solar system.

Can you remember the names of all the planets?

 Can you remember which planet is the largest?

 Which planet has a raging storm?

 Which planet is the coldest?

Pizza Planets

We have been learning to read recipes.  This week we followed the instructions to create our own pizza.

How many toppings did you have on yours?


Year 1 Class Newsletter  Spring Term 1

Spring Term 1

Autumn 2

This half term we have been reading the story Little Red by Bethan Woollvin. We listened to a piece of music and discussed how it made us feel.  Can you remember what we thought was happening?  

A parcel then arrived with a note that said 'DO NOT OPEN!' We had to think about what might be inside. Next we watched a media clip and talked about what we could see.  Can you remember what you saw?

Eventually we were able to open the envelope and read the story inside.  We enjoyed talking about the pictures and sequencing the story. 

We drew and labelled characters from the story. Can you guess who we drew?

Autumn Term 1 2017

This half term we have enjoyed making friends in our class and learning all about ourselves and our families. We read the story Peepo! and talked about family. We drew pictures of our family. We made food for our family in the woodland kitchen outside. We went on a shape hunt, learnt to count 1-1 and recognise numbers. Plus lots more! Look at our pictures.